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Success Stories!
国際販売 & 中間管理         コンサルティング
Interim Manager Vertrieb Japan

Company A (components for mechanical industries)
• Company A asked for consultancy services of OMB for entrance into German Market  
• OMB also worked with authorities and industrial chambers
• OMB consultancy service: listing / briefing / meetings / follow up’s
• Company A had a fruitful meeting with a big potential customer (14,000 employees)
• Company A knows now, how to proceed and had defined next steps for this foreign

   market and had generated further sales leads

• This company is now very active by themselves, it was a fast and good start-up

Company B (metal and ceramic components)
• Company B exhibited in jointed booth at suitable trade fairs in Germany and talked with OMB
• Company B cooperated with OMB a sales agency for the European market and had opened

    its European office, by using OMB office as a representative office.
• Company B exhibited with own booth one year later and made essential promotions

   (One Pager, sales leads) leading by OMB as a Key Account and Sales Agent
• Company B got first orders of German and European customers.
   Furthermore, Company B was asked by a potential customer (>25,000 employees), if they can

   provide their products for a project

• This company has “trust” in culture and in business abroad!

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